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Feb 2, 2013 7:00am EST
facing the new tax penalties imposed by the affordable care act. [applause] the federal law allows us to shift mental health and other state spending to medicaid sources, saving the general fund nearly $25 million over the biennium. over the next six years, this comprehensive approach will create up to 8,000 new health care jobs and inject over a half billion dollars into our state's economy. and, as i've noted before, we must reduce taxes on businesses to help them bear the increased costs of the affordable care act. but the issue of long-term health care costs remain. as such, i believe we must ask certain medicaid patients to make a modest contribution toward the cost of their own care, and i will insist that nevada be able to opt out of the medicaid expansion program in future years should circumstances change. [applause] beyond medicaid my budget provides additional funding for our state's most vulnerable citizens. it includes more support for autism and early intervention services, piloting 24/7 mental health can care in southern nevada and increased community-based services for ne
Feb 9, 2013 6:00am EST
how voters behave across ballot measures on a rake of issues like marriage and immigration. taxes and education. -- on exactly which voters will vote for and against us based on how they vote on other issues. we will build power, whether he take action, and we will create change. [cheering and applause] i believe, i believe that all movements need guiding principles and values. a true north. and that ours must be love, commitment, and compassion. but it must be an expansive love. a broad commitment to the ways we create family and compassion that leads to action for those who are marginalized. today we have choices to make about the future of our movement, what will we stand for? what will we stand for? our task force, brother, poet, activist, and creator of change, william brandon -- what will we stand for? he died this year but his words can still help to guide us. he wrote a poem titled "on the occasion of a victory for president elect, senator barack obama" first calls out our nation's history of slavery and then reads; stand up at the daven this new day. stand up and let your joy
Feb 9, 2013 7:00am EST
for that, he stuck to that commitment but not the commitment to introduce tax breaks for married couples and now and that the policy which specifically ruled out in the last general election. >> does my hon. friend think the least that should be done is we should have a draft bill with legislative scrutiny? >> absolutely. this goes to the heart of the point that as conservatives we are traditionally cautious about constitutional change but not this administration would sweeping reform makes change in the law of succession and now this all to be rushed through on a timetable motion subject to a three line -- this is no way to treat parliament or colleagues who have strong convictions either way on what is a very sensitive issue to all of us and our constituents. third, if there is no mandate, where is the demand for this change? a poll in yesterday's they mail, it is the daily mail, found out -- the daily mail -- found out only one in 14, 7% of those questioned thought this should be a priority but another poll found 60% of the black and minority ethnic communities, the very peopl
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3